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Welcome to WOMAG


Welcome to WOMAG, an independent site that aims to improve the way you lift weights.
Whether you’re serious about weightlifting, or use is at a means of toning up in the gym, we’re here to give you tips on how to improve form, technique and make sure you’re not slipping in to bad habits.

We’re based in Holt, a small town in Norfolk, so we’re full of British grit and determination. We help out a lot of people in the area looking to lead a healthier life and build some muscle in the process.

So let us show you some of the ways you can make easy changes in your life by putting a little on your body, but not in your body.


Beyond 531


I spent a ton of time developing this program and believe it stands as my best work, ever. I could have presented you with something sooner, but nothing this good.
Twenty weeks of "brick upon brick" programming is not easy as each phase has to build on the other.

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