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Met up with some folks nearby over the last few weeks from in and out of town. We've formed a lifting group of sorts with the aim of helping each other out. It used to be that weightlifting was very much an activity you'd do on your lonesome, but just take a look on Facebook and Instagram and you'll see that it is now one of the most social and beneficial exercises out there.

This page will be our group’s encouragement of sorts. I'll be putting up out recent PBs as an incentive of smashing it over time. So let's see if it works.

Ivor Brauwm (Me) -
225 (working hard after injuring my shoulder a few months ago and I'm wise enough to know that slow and steady wins the race)

Paul Samson -
320 (Paul the machine repping big for a small guy. If you've ever looking for a quality estate agent in Okehampton, definitely hit up Paul)

Louisa Henry -
150 (Louisa met the group by accident after coming to gym early one morning and chatting to us who were there first thing. She works as a night mostly on lates so you know you're in good hands if you ever see her in hospital)

Michael James -
300 (definitely not a teacher you want to mess with, Mike is the one who actually keeps all the info of our lifts down, not on paper, but mentally. The man has the recall of a machine. It's unbelievable)



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