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We wouldn’t be anywhere without help from the supplements we take on a daily basis. They form a massive part of the diet plan for any bodybuilder and we know where some of the best stockists for supplements nearby are.
Here are some of the top supplements shops from around the country that we at Womag have visited and can highly recommend.

This shop in the centre of Glasgow is not only a great place for supplements, but the staff are also clued in to the best nearby locations for a quick workout.

TSC Store
Located on 8 Newton Street in the centre of Manchester, this store has one of the largest selections of powders you can find anywhere in the UK. Their prices are just as god as anything you’d find in an online store.

Cardiff Sports Nutrition
One of the group (Michael) found this place when he was looking for an office rental in Cardiff over the summer months. A superb store just a quick walk from Cardiff University, they are experts in advising you on the best type of product depending on what way you train.

Predator Nutrition
This Leeds shop might have an intimidating name, but they sell some fantastic diet alternatives. If you live in the area, go and get some protein bread. Its incredible stuff.



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