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An important aspect with using weights for any reason is the use of supplements along with your training.
Athletes of all disciplines use some type of supplement in their daily life. Here are some of the main ones, with some description to help better understand what they are and what they do.

Protein Powder
Protein is great at helping muscles grow and get the energy needed.
What’s not easy is finding high sources of natural protein.

You’ve all seen the big tubs marked ‘WHEY PROTEIN’ in stores.
They can seem rather ominous but are a great source of energy, especially before and after a workout.
Most powders are derived from whey, milk, egg and soya sources.

Protein powders are a great way to consume protein without having to eat kilos of red meat every day, over-consumption of which has been strongly linked to bowel and small-bowel cancer later in life.

Fat Burners
Fat Burners aren’t just a simple solution for weight loss.
They only work well when you put the effort in.
If you work out, the fat burners work out too and help shed fat in favour of toning the body.

They come in two main fashions: pills and powder.
In the case of the powders, they may act as a meal replacement and help you feel fuller for longer.
Great if you’re prone to bouts of snacking.

Amino Acids
Bodybuilders love this stuff and with good reason.
They help strengthen the bonds in muscle and are known as a ‘gainer’ sometimes i.e. they help people gain better muscle mass.

More often than not creatine comes in pill form.
It is made from the oil of the safflower and is viewed as a natural diet supplement.

Carido Vascular Pills
This won’t be a way of putting on muscle, but it’s more important to look after the heart than any other part of the body.
You want that blood pumping with the least strain possible while you work out. Luckily there are many sources for cardio pills, from the classic cod liver oil to sea kelp and grapeseed extract.



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